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Residential Power Washing

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Residential Power Washing in Marietta, GA

Formerly known as CRM Pressure Washing, Poseidon Pro-Wash is a game changer when you’re looking to increase curb appeal, prepare your home for sale, or even just make your property safer and more beautiful. Located in Woodstock, GA, we combat our region’s humid climate and susceptibility to mold and other allergens by power washing homes and businesses before the parasites can take root. Our team is experienced in pressure cleaning surfaces of all types using safe and effective solutions, ensuring your property looks its best.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

As a homeowner, it’s vital to save money when you can. It’s easy to think that minor maintenance such as power cleaning isn’t important at all, but it can actually save you thousands of dollars. Don’t default on your mortgage—schedule your residential power washing service and protect your finances. Regular pressure washing will prevent mold, pest, and root invasion which can damage your roof, foundation, windows, and fences. For just a small price, you’ll prevent bigger losses and pressure cleaning also ensures your property looks its best all year round. Let our team help you today, and you’ll see the difference we can make.

  • Remove dirt and grime for good with a quick power cleaning. We use detailed techniques that will always leave wood, concrete, or other materials consistently clean.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that our residential pressure washing services are 100 percent safe. Our experienced team knows how much pressure is needed for each job, so your home, land, and other exterior additions will never be damaged.
  • Increase the curb appeal of your home with efficient power washing. Leaving your property damaged will decrease your market value and make it harder for you to sell your home.
  • Avoid damage caused by an influx of pests and mold with residential pressure cleaning. Our services will take care of nests, algae, allergens, mud, and more from all surfaces. 




Pool Decks

Wooden Fences/Decks

Schedule your power cleaning services today by calling (404) 538-9699.

"We had mold on our tennis courts and needed some intervention. Chris came out and assessed the situation. He went above and beyond what we needed to get the courts in good playing condition. I would highly recommend CRM where chemical and/or pressure washing is required."

-Paul R.

"Chris from CRM did an incredible job on my roof, driveway, and pool deck sending before and after pics which I have attached. Also, Chris made a mistake and misquoted me too low for the estimate but insisted that he completes the work for the quoted price anyway! Their priority is customer service."

-Justin K.

"Chris did a great job. Worked in the rain to get the job done. Said he was going to make another trip out to do the treatment on a prettier day. Thank you again Chris!"

-James P.